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White Papers

Our free white papers provide deep insights on ecommerce in the print world — including print-specific topics like business models, online marketing and sales. We will share best practices for selling online and show you why you must adopt web-to-print to stay competitive as a print service provider.

5 Paths To Success For Print Services Providers

This paper discuses several online business models well suited for independent print service providers and dispels dead-end strategies. Topics covered include National Print Ecommerce Powerhouses, Private Online Stores, Vertical/Industry Focus Online Stores, Regional Focus Online Stores, Affiliate Online Stores, and Selling Unique Print Products.

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9 Things You Must Do To Market Your Print Shop Online

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Guides & FAQs

Using our help center, you will find countless video guides and tutorials showing you how to get your print shop online.

Setting Up Users & Customers

[2:38] See how to create user accounts for employees and customers.

Setting Up a Private Store

[2:11] See how to setup private stores for customers and prospects.

All About Transactions

[2:48] See how to process payments, collecting taxes, open accounts, and more.

Creating Promotions

[2:29] See how to setup discounts and promo codes to drive sales.

Informational Pages

[2:14] See how setup pages in your Keen account content management system.

Processing an Order

[2:24] See how to process an order through production and shipping.

Shipping in Detail

[2:32] See how Keen shipping works in detail.


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