To get an idea of what’s included in Keen Stores, check out the features below. If you’d like to see an interactive overview, sign up to view a quick demo and if you like what you see, you can request a one-on-one custom demo.

Custom Public and Private Stores

Manage multiple public and private stores from a single convenient admin interface. Your Keen account comes with full service setup to match your brand needs, initial product catalog setup, and crucial online marketing training.


Dynamic Pricing

Even the most complex price lists can be easily setup and managed in your Keen store. Your customers can then choose their desired product options, turnaround, and delivery method to generate real-time quotes 24/7.

With your initial account setup and training, we’ll configure your 15 most popular products and we’ll show you how to add additional products as needed. You’ll also have access to a catalog of common print and promotional product templates to make the growing your online catalog more efficient.


File Upload & Preflight Workflow

Email attachments and FTP are a thing of the past. Customers placing orders through your Keen store are able to attach files as large as 2GB. Even file updates and proofs are easily managed inside the Keen store order throughout the whole process. All communication and approval of files happens in one place so things don’t fall through the cracks, errors are prevented, and orders don’t get delayed.


Shipping & Delivery

With the FedEx and UPS integrations your customers can receive live cost and timeline estimates before even placing the order.  Sophisticated admin options include the ability to add handling fees and generate shipment labels right from your Keen account all while the shipment tracking information is in one place. Smart local delivery can also be configured and priced based on the cities you service.


Built-In Payments

Your Keen account connects to a powerful gateway to give you credit card and ACH (electronic check) options for customer payments. Integrated PayPal Business will get you up and running even faster. Your Keen account’s advanced payment options also include the ability create open accounts, company-wide payment methods, and tax-exempt status.


Integrated Solution

Keen is a one-stop solution for managing everything you need to build and grow your print shop online. With Keen, you can provide real time dynamic pricing, the convenience of self-service ordering, a Design Studio for customers to update and edit their own files, integrated shipping quotes, built-in email marketing and analytics – all in in a single integrated ecommerce tool.

Design Studio

The Design Studio gives you the ability to add self-service design to both public and private stores. Simply upload a PDF and select customer-editable text and images. Your customers enjoy direct editing of the templates in any browser, including iPads.

When the order is placed, a print-ready PDF simply gets generated and attached.


Private Stores

Providing a custom ordering experience to regular customers greatly improves loyalty and is a great way to win new accounts. With Keen, you can quickly spin up password-protected, custom private stores filled with your customer’s exact product catalog, editable document templates, and pricing. No matter how many Keen stores you have, they are accessible from a single, convenient admin interface for your entire staff. Keen can even help you with full-service store design and product catalog setup.

Communication Built-in

Each staff member and customer has their own user profile and a customized experience for more personalized communication.  Built-in messaging provides instant message-style chat and pass-down logs inside the shop, as well as order-specific communication with customers.


Online Marketing

Keen stores are built to automatically rank high on search engines. Marketing features include ability collect email addresses for newsletters and a sophisticated promotions engine to create promo codes and discounts.  The initial account setup and training also includes an online marketing crash course to get your business listed in all of the right places online so you can be found by new customers.


Automatic Tax Calculation

Sales tax calculation can be very complicated when selling products online. Keen maintains a database of local sales tax rates for the United States, that automatically updates monthly. You can rest assured that the sales taxes calculated on orders are done right no matter if the ordered is shipped, delivered, or picked-up.

Analytics & Reporting

Ecommerce is all about generating traffic and converting online store visitors into customers. And keeping them coming back.

With Keen’s built-in reporting system, you can see which products are the most popular and where your revenue is coming from so that you know where to focus your marketing attention.

If you are advertising online, the Google Analytics integration allows you to analyze your visitors, traffic sources, and measure your success with confidence.


Dedicated Support

Keen helps customers get up and running fast and meeting their business goals day in, and day out.  We provide knowledgeable support through a one-click help center built-in to each account, a helpful knowledgebase and FAQs, and even phone support.